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Do you know that

  • In 2015, wind power accounted for 19% of electricity in Spain, 2% solar thermal and photovoltaic solar energy 3.1% (REVE).
  • Since the late nineteenth century, the average surface temperature of the planet has risen 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1.0 C) (NASA).
  • The hybrid vehicle market closed 2015 with sales of 19,231 units, representing a growth of 54.54% compared to 2014 (Anfac).
  • The year 2015 has been the warmest since 136 years ago (NASA).
  • 50.5% of electricity production in Spain in December 2015 preceded technologies that do not emit CO2 (REVE).
  • You know that the first auction of renewable energy after the green moratorium that came into operation in 2012, is being held today January 14, 2016, and will serve to allocate 500 MW of wind power and other 200MW of biomass (AEE).
  • In 2015 the wind was the technology that generated the electricity cheaper for Spanish (AEE).
  • In December 2015, generation from renewable energy sources accounted for 28.6% of total electricity production (REVE).
  • 50 million tons of e-waste are generated each year worldwide, of which a high percentage end up in dumps in development countries (ONU).
  • Spain has a network of peninsular electricity transmission over 40,000 km circuit (REE).
  • Spain incorrectly recycle 65% of electrical and electronic waste (EFEverde).
  • Galicia has only 15% less light that Almería (Ángeles López Aguera, professor of the Faculty of Physical USC).
  • Plastic waste kills more than a million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and turtles each year (
  • In so far this year from January to November 2015, the wind generated in Spain 19.2% of electricity production, 2.2% thermal and photovoltaic solar energy 3.2% (REVE ).
  • The waste produced in Spain in one year is equivalent to the size of the peak Mulhacen (PLASLIVE).
  • In November 2015, generation from renewable energy sources accounted for 34.4% of production, while 52.5% of electricity production for this month came from technologies that do not emit CO2 (REVE).
  • Wind power reached on 21 November at 4.50 hours a new record of coverage of electricity demand by providing 70.4% of the total, according to Red Eléctrica de Spain (REE).
  • You know that every citizen wastes 50 liters of water daily (Plaslive).
  • Make recycled paper saves three times more energy than normal paper (Costa Tierra Recycling).
  • Renewables energies produced the 34.1% of the electricity consumed in Spain in October 2015 (AEE).
  • Half of the energy consumed by Spanish households is spent on heating the house (Gas Natural Fenosa).
  • In October 2015, wind power generates 19.9% of the electricity produced in Spain, 1.1% solar thermal and photovoltaic solar energy 2.7% (AEE).
  • The trash that you generate in your life is equivalent to 400 times your weight (
  • know that the hot water accounts for 20% of energy consumption in the home (Gas Natural Fenosa).
  • The electricity produced by a windmill is equivalent to 1,000 kilos of oil (Twenergy).
  • Each megawatt wind power installed in Spain produced 21.3% more electricity than the European average (AEE).
  • By recycling a plastic bottle we save the energy needed to power a light bulb for 6 hours (
  • Each Spanish family spends monthly 1000 liters of water in the laundry (ecoestrategia).
  • A button battery can contaminate the water needs of a family in a year (Reciclame).
  • One liter of oil is enough to affect 1,000 liters of water (Costa Tierra Recycling).