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Do you know that

  • A ton of used glass packaging saves 130 liters of fuel type fuel (Ecointeligencia).
  • 70% of global CO2 emissions are generated in cities (WWF).
  • Spain consumed 1.2 million barrels of oil per day in 2015 (BP Statistical Review).
  • Each kWh created with wind power is 21 times less environmental impact than oil (REVE).
  • You know that Galicians wasted per year 2,890 Kwh of energy, an amount that would be sufficient to supply the lighting of the city of La Coruna for 128 years (Gas Natural Fenosa).
  • In one day our planet receives more energy from the sun than it spends all mankind in a year (Veo verde).
  • You know that glass a bottle is 100% recyclable, but takes about 4,000 years to biodegrade (Natural Environment).
  • 75% of electricity production in Spain in May came from technologies that do not emit CO2 (aee).
  • Wind generates 20.6% of the electricity consumed in Spain in May (aee).
  • You know that in 10 days sun produces more energy than all the oil and gas reserves in the world (The Epoch Times).
  • Transport is the only sector that has not reduced their emissions in the EU between 1990 and today (Greenpeace).
  • A wind turbine takes only 153 days to recover energy cost to build and has a lifespan of 20 to 25 years (aee).
  • According to WHO half of the urban population lives in cities with pollution level 2.5 times higher than recommended and only 16 percent breathe air that meets the standards (WHO).
  • The Spaniards recycled 724,657 tonnes of glass packaging waste through the green containers during 2015 (ecovidrio).
  • The wind covered 26% of the electricity needs of the Spaniards in the first four months of 2016 (aee).
  • In April, the generation from renewable energy sources represented 54.1% of electricity production in Spain (aee).
  • You know that each wash cycle consumes 50 liters of drinking water (Twenergy).
  • The first turbine of history was built in 1888. It had a diameter of 17 meters and 144 blades made of cedar wood. With an output of 12kW, it worked for 20 years (aee).
  • In late 2015 the world had 1,985 GW of renewable generation capacity (Irena).
  • You know that 30% of water consumption in the home corresponds to the emptying of the toilet tank (La Fábrica del Sol).
  • In 2015 in Spain they recycled more than 3,000 tons of lamps and lighting fixtures (Ambilamp).
  • With the global wind power, 432.419MW, could supply electricity to 100 million European households (aee).
  • Each Spanish citizen recycles an average of 15.5 kg of glass, ie about 59 containers per year (Ecovidrio).
  • In the first quarter of 2015, wind power covered 27.3% of electricity demand in Spain (aee).
  • The world's largest offshore wind farm will be in the UK in 2020 and will supply electricity to 1 million households (aee).
  • Spain is, with 23.000MW, the second European country and fifth in the world by wind power (Navigant BTM).
  • Some 4,000 million people in the world suffer from lack of drinking water for at least one month per year (La Vanguardia).
  • Spaniards spend a day on average 137 liters of water per person, 57 liters more per day than recommended by WHO (AQUAe FUNDACIÓN).
  • You know that a device on standby can represent up to 70% of your daily intake (Sustainable World).
  • The wind produced 30.2% of the electricity demand in Spain in February 2016 (aee).