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Do you know that

  • According to WHO half of the urban population lives in cities with pollution level 2.5 times higher than recommended and only 16 percent breathe air that meets the standards (WHO).
  • The Spaniards recycled 724,657 tonnes of glass packaging waste through the green containers during 2015 (ecovidrio).
  • The wind covered 26% of the electricity needs of the Spaniards in the first four months of 2016 (aee).
  • In April, the generation from renewable energy sources represented 54.1% of electricity production in Spain (aee).
  • You know that each wash cycle consumes 50 liters of drinking water (Twenergy).
  • The first turbine of history was built in 1888. It had a diameter of 17 meters and 144 blades made of cedar wood. With an output of 12kW, it worked for 20 years (aee).
  • In late 2015 the world had 1,985 GW of renewable generation capacity (Irena).
  • You know that 30% of water consumption in the home corresponds to the emptying of the toilet tank (La Fábrica del Sol).
  • In 2015 in Spain they recycled more than 3,000 tons of lamps and lighting fixtures (Ambilamp).
  • With the global wind power, 432.419MW, could supply electricity to 100 million European households (aee).
  • Each Spanish citizen recycles an average of 15.5 kg of glass, ie about 59 containers per year (Ecovidrio).
  • In the first quarter of 2015, wind power covered 27.3% of electricity demand in Spain (aee).
  • The world's largest offshore wind farm will be in the UK in 2020 and will supply electricity to 1 million households (aee).
  • Spain is, with 23.000MW, the second European country and fifth in the world by wind power (Navigant BTM).
  • Some 4,000 million people in the world suffer from lack of drinking water for at least one month per year (La Vanguardia).
  • Spaniards spend a day on average 137 liters of water per person, 57 liters more per day than recommended by WHO (AQUAe FUNDACIÓN).
  • You know that a device on standby can represent up to 70% of your daily intake (Sustainable World).
  • The wind produced 30.2% of the electricity demand in Spain in February 2016 (aee).
  • The wind produced 30.2% of the electricity demand in Spain in February 2016 (aee).
  • Renewable energy generates 54.6% of the electricity demand in Spain in February 2016 (aee).
  • You know that Spain has the first LED lighthouse of the European Union (Menoswatios).
  • The waste produced in Spain in one year is equivalent to the size of the peak Mulhacen (Plaslive).
  • Each megawatt of installed wind power in Spain produces 21.3% more electricity than the European average (AEE).
  • Plastic waste kills more than a million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and turtles each year (
  • Spain represents 18% of Europe's wind power, and produces 22% of European electricity generated by wind (AEE).
  • Spain produces nearly 2 million tons of toxic waste per year (Plaslive).
  • In January 2016, renewable energies covered 46.4% of the Spanish electricity demand: wind 26.9%, 0.3% solar thermal and photovoltaic solar energy 1.6% (REVE).
  • China overtakes Europe as a world leader in wind power, after installing 30.500 MW 2015 (AEE).
  • 68.2% of electricity production in the month of January 2016 came from technologies that do not emit CO2 (REVE).
  • The electric vehicle market closed 2015 with a growth of 28.5% and for the first time in history have reached 2,342 units sold (Anfac).