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Do you know that

  • In 2016, wind power covered 10.4% of European electricity demand (WindEurope).
  • During the year 2016 541km of electrical lines were put into service in the peninsular system, which places the total of the peninsular transport network at the end of the year in 40,647km of circuit (REE).
  • In the year 2016, 12,500 new wind turbines were installed in Europe, which means a total installed capacity of 153,100 MW (WindEurope).
  • 54.6% of electricity generation in January 2017 came from non-CO2-emitting technologies and 32.7% from renewable sources (REE).
  • Did you know that "stand-by" account for 2.2% of a household's total energy consumption (IDAE).
  • Renewable energies generated 40.8% of electricity in Spain in 2016, with wind being the second largest generation source behind nuclear power (REE).
  • The European continent installed 1,558 MW of offshore wind power in 2016 and generated a cumulative total power of 12,631 MW (WindEurope).
  • Spain is the European country most at risk of desertification is already reaching 20% of the territory (CSIC, Centre for Scientific Research).
  • On September 6th at 13:32 a maximum electricity consumption was recorded in Spain during 2016, with a total of 40,489 MW (REE).
  • The world shoot eight million tons of plastic each year to the sea (El País).
  • Did you know that the installed electrical power in Spain at the end of 2016 is 105,308 MW (REE).
  • You know that 1.300 million people in the world lack electricity supply (Pontifical University of Comillas).
  • Sales of electric vehicles grew by 51.5% in 2016 with a total of 4,746 vehicles registered (ANFAC).
  • Did you know that our houses consume one fifth of all the energy consumed in Spain and one fourth of the electricity (IDAE).
  • From January to November 2016, wind production reached 44,615 GWh, covering 19.9% of the needs of the Spanish people (REE).
  • The average temperature of the planet has risen to 1.31 ° C by the end of 2016 (NASA).
  • Sales of electric and hybrid vehicles in Spain in November 2016 increased by 51.4%, with a volume of 577 units sold (Anfac).
  • Wind power generated 3,863 GWh in November and covered 18.9% of Spanish electricity demand, ranking as the second system technology for this month (REE).
  • Did you know that in a Spanish home there are on average 22.8 light bulbs, of which 8.3 are incandescent, 7 are low consumption, 6.1 halogen, 1.3 fluorescent and 0.01 LED bulbs (IDAE).
  • Offshore wind farms help create a more diverse habitat and regenerate fish stocks (aee).
  • You know that the average annual electricity consumption in an average household in Spain is 3,250 kWh (Sotavento).
  • Currently, Spain has more than 160,000 thermal biomass installations in operation, which is about 7,275 MWt installed, and involves an annual emission saving 3,224,000 tons of CO2 (AEBIOM, European Biomass Association).
  • You knew that for every step that a person gives can generate up to 7 watts of power (acciona).
  • The appliances are responsible for 55.2% of electricity consumption in Spanish households (Sotavento).
  • You know that there are more than 17 million households connected to the electricity grid in Spain (Sotavento).
  • You know that if forecasts that the global population will reach 9.600 million people in 2050 are met, we would need a year of 221 days and 3 Earths to provide natural resources to survive (World Bank).
  • You know that today renewable energy is the energy source with the highest installed capacity in the world (IEA, International Energy Agency).
  • You know that renewables produced 43.4% of electricity in Spain in the first 10 months of 2016 (REVE).
  • In October 2016, the Spanish electricity generation from renewable energy represented 25.6% of production (REVE).
  • You know that 22 trees are needed to meet the oxygen demand of a person daily (Tierra Sana).