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Do you know that

  • Sales of electric vehicles grew by 51.5% in 2016 with a total of 4,746 vehicles registered (ANFAC).
  • Did you know that our houses consume one fifth of all the energy consumed in Spain and one fourth of the electricity (IDAE).
  • From January to November 2016, wind production reached 44,615 GWh, covering 19.9% of the needs of the Spanish people (REE).
  • The average temperature of the planet has risen to 1.31 ° C by the end of 2016 (NASA).
  • Sales of electric and hybrid vehicles in Spain in November 2016 increased by 51.4%, with a volume of 577 units sold (Anfac).
  • Wind power generated 3,863 GWh in November and covered 18.9% of Spanish electricity demand, ranking as the second system technology for this month (REE).
  • Did you know that in a Spanish home there are on average 22.8 light bulbs, of which 8.3 are incandescent, 7 are low consumption, 6.1 halogen, 1.3 fluorescent and 0.01 LED bulbs (IDAE).
  • Offshore wind farms help create a more diverse habitat and regenerate fish stocks (aee).
  • You know that the average annual electricity consumption in an average household in Spain is 3,250 kWh (Sotavento).
  • Currently, Spain has more than 160,000 thermal biomass installations in operation, which is about 7,275 MWt installed, and involves an annual emission saving 3,224,000 tons of CO2 (AEBIOM, European Biomass Association).
  • You knew that for every step that a person gives can generate up to 7 watts of power (acciona).
  • The appliances are responsible for 55.2% of electricity consumption in Spanish households (Sotavento).
  • You know that there are more than 17 million households connected to the electricity grid in Spain (Sotavento).
  • You know that if forecasts that the global population will reach 9.600 million people in 2050 are met, we would need a year of 221 days and 3 Earths to provide natural resources to survive (World Bank).
  • You know that today renewable energy is the energy source with the highest installed capacity in the world (IEA, International Energy Agency).
  • You know that renewables produced 43.4% of electricity in Spain in the first 10 months of 2016 (REVE).
  • In October 2016, the Spanish electricity generation from renewable energy represented 25.6% of production (REVE).
  • You know that 22 trees are needed to meet the oxygen demand of a person daily (Tierra Sana).
  • Wind Power employs more than 20,000 people only in Spain (aee).
  • You know that energy poverty affects 3,900 million people worldwide (Pontifical University of Comillas).
  • Renewable technologies in Spain prevented the emission into the atmosphere of 55,141,676 tons of CO2 in 2015, which saved payments of allowances worth 423 million euros (APPA).
  • You know that Castilla y Leon and Extremadura were the only communities whose production of electricity from renewable sources exceeded demand during 2015 (REE Red Electrica Spanish).
  • Did you know that 1 GB of data download Internet requires 200 liters of water (Imperial College London).
  • You know that each use of the household washing over 700,000 micro-plastics are released into the environment (University of Plymouth).
  • Castilla Leon, Castilla la Mancha and Andalusia are the regions with more installed capacity in Spain (aee).
  • 92% of the world population lives in places where air quality levels exceed the limits set by the WHO, which causes 6.5 million deaths per year (WHO).
  • In 2015, renewable energy generation in Spain (electrical, thermal and biofuels) prevented the import of 19,925,281 tonnes of oil equivalent (TOE), with an equivalent saving of 6,866 million euros (APPA).
  • Did you know that 48 people in metro pollute the same CO2 that a single 4x4 (Ministry of Environment Chile).
  • The cost of air pollution in Spain is equivalent to 3.5% of GDP and is responsible for the death of 5.5 million people in 2013, according to a World Bank (WB) and the Institute of measurements and Health Assessments (IMHE).
  • Spain was the first country in the world where the "wind" was the main source of electricity generation for a full year (El Mundo).