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Do you know that

  • The registrations of hybrid and electric vehicles reach in Spain in the first 5 months of the year the 23,952 units (Anfac).
  • More than 9.8 million people were working in the renewable energy sector by the end of 2016 (IRENA).
  • Each liter of wastewater that arrives at a medium-sized sewage treatment plant contains an average of 59.2 micrograms of drugs or drug metabolites (i-UNAT, Institute of Environmental Studies and Natural Resources).
  • In Spain around 9 million people support noise levels above 65 decibels (dB) recommended for daytime hours by the WHO (DKV-GAES).
  • The Spanish recycled 1,351,903 tonnes of packaging in 2016, 4% more than in 2015 (Ecoembes).
  • Wind technology represents 1% of Spanish exports, with a total of 2,574 million euros in 2016 (aee).
  • Spain increased its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuel combustion by 1.6% in 2016 compared to the previous year, while the EU as a whole reduced its emissions by 0.4%(Eurostat).
  • Spain is the third country in Europe to manufacture wind turbines and the fifth in the world (aee).
  • 1,000 people die every year in Spain due to exposure to excessive levels of noise pollution and about 4,000 people have to be hospitalized (EEA, European Environment Agency).
  • Renewable energies produced 41% of electricity in April in Spain: wind power 22.1%, photovoltaic power 4.6% and solar thermal power 3.2% (REE).
  • In March 2017 sales of electric vehicles reached 578 units (Anfac).
  • At European level, about 40% of the population is exposed to traffic noise levels above 55 dB (DKV-GAES).
  • Did you know that the first offshore wind turbine was installed in 1991 and had just a tower of 35 meters, a rotor diameter also of 35 meters and a nominal power of 0.45MW (DONG Energy UK).
  • 70.3% of the electricity production in March 2017 came from technologies that do not emit CO2 (reve).
  • Sales of electric and hybrid vehicles totaled 13,953 units in the first quarter of 2017 (Anfac).
  • Did you know that Spain has been the 3rd country in the world in the ranking of net exports of wind technology in the year 2016 (aee).
  • In March 2017, renewable energy accounted for 43.9% of electricity in Spain, 23.9% for wind power, 1.7% for solar thermal and 3.4% for photovoltaic (reve).
  • Did you know that if the bees were extinct more than 20,000 species would disappear from the Earth (Ecological Galicia).
  • The water footprint of the Spanish population is 2,325 cubic meters per year per capita. About 36% of this water footprint originates outside Spain (Water Footprint).
  • The Spanish wind industry has manufactured 12% of wind turbines and components installed in the world (aee).
  • Sales of electric vehicles registered 380 units in February 2017, an increase of 49.6% compared to the same month of the previous year (Anfac).
  • The Spanish wind industry is a world benchmark. In Spain there are 195 factories in 12 of the 17 CCAA (aee).
  • In the first two months of the year, sales of electric vehicles registered 651 units (Anfac).
  • Hybrid vehicle registrations in February totaled 3,947 units, an increase of almost 89.4% over the same period last year (Anfac).
  • Wind power has been the technology that has contributed most to the Spanish electricity mix in February 2017 with 24.8% (REE).
  • You know that a battery takes over 1,000 years to disappear (Natural Environmental).
  • In February 2017, electricity generation from renewable energy sources accounted for 39% of production (REE).
  • Did you know that the energy that would be saved by recycling the plastic of a yogurt would be sufficient to keep a light bulb on for 1 hour (Twenergy).
  • Spanish landfills emit 11 million tons of CO2 annually (AEVERSU).
  • In January 2017, renewable energy produced 32.7% of the electricity demand in Spain. Wind power 20.1%, photovoltaic 1.8% and solar thermal 0.6% (REE).