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Do you know that

  • The lack of potable water causes the death of 5,000 children under five years old every day. (UNICEF)
  • More than a thousand billion people on Earth have no safe water. (
  • If we consider the limits of pollution that makes the law, the percentage of population affected is about 35%, one in three Spanish. (Ecologistas en Acción)
  • The Spanish Government expects one million eco-cars running on Spain in 2014. (La Voz de Galicia)
  • Wind power broke two records on the 8th of November, an instant production at 13.29 with 13,177 MW covering 38% of demand in Spain at the time, and a production rate of 13.00 to 14.00 with 12,995 MWh. (REE)
  • Spain is among the countries with the largest capacity of photovoltaic production, with 3.5 GW of power. It is second only to Germany (9.8 GW) and it is ahead of Japan (2.6 GW). (La Voz de Galicia)
  • Each kWh produced from wind energy is 26 times less impact than that produced by lignite, 21 times less than oil, 10 times less than nuclear energy and 5 times less than with gas. (Study of CIEMAT/IDAE/APPA)
  • In addition to Germany, other countries with large solar installations are Spain with 3,223 MW, Japan with 2,149 MW and The United States with 1,173 MW. (
  • Spain predicts that by 2020 renewable energy in our country contribute 22.7% of final energy and 42.3% of electricity generation. (IDAE)
  • The European Chamber has proposed that residential buildings, offices and services buildings built from 2019 are zero energy, i.e., they will be capable of producing the same amount of renewable energy that they will consume. (La Voz de Galicia)
  • A shower of 10 minutes has an approximate expend of 120 L of water. (
  • United Kingdom established in Iran in 1941 the first oilfield. (Naturaleza Educativa)
  • Germany is far to be the sunniest country in the world, but it is the global leader in photovoltaic energy, with an installed capacity of 5,308 MW. (
  • Modern wind turbines take only 2 or 3 months to recover all energy uses in their manufacture, installation, maintenance and dismantlement under normal wind conditions. (Danish Wind Industry Association)
  • A person from an industrialized country consumes ten times more energy that another from a no industrialized country. (EnerAgen)
  • For a same energetic unity produced, wind energy uses 542 workers, thermal energy uses 116 and nuclear energy 100. (Worldwatch Institute)
  • Each Galician consumes 14 litres of water and produces 95 kg of rubbish least that the Spanish average. (La Voz de Galicia)
  • Put the clothes to soak before washing spends between 3 and 4 liters of water each time. (
  • Climate change will mean the extinction of one in five species of lizards in 70 years. (La Voz de Galicia)
  • According to official data of 2008, forest biomass could supply 3% of primary energy in Spain and generate 10,000 jobs. (CIEMAT)
  • It is possible to travel between Zaragoza and Huesca driving a car with hydrogen fuel cell thanks to hydrogen stations opened in both cities. (
  • 84% of people breathe air that exceeds the levels of health protection recommended by the World Health Organization. (
  • The instantaneous demand for electrical energy on the Spanish Peninsula registered a new maximum, setting the new record at 41,318 MW, at 13:26 on the 19th of July of 2010. This figure surpasses the previous maximum, 41.127 MW. (REE)
  • Electric cars may be charged in telephone booths. (El Progreso)
  • Artificial satellites use solar panels to generate electricity needed by their equipments. (Educational Nature)
  • Some experts argue that coal could end in two decades and not in the two centuries of official estimates. (Consumer)
  • Spain installed 2,459 MW in 2009 and has now reached 19,149 MW of accumulated power. (aee)
  • Current levels of air pollution cause 16,000 premature deaths in Spain. (Ecologistas en acción)
  • In 2008, the world had acumulated 15,000 MW in photovoltaic installations. (
  • According to the data contained in a report made by the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturer`s Association, Spain ended 2009 with a total of 314,000 tonnes of old tyres being recycled. (