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Sotavento receives a "mention of honor" at the 9th edition of the EnerAgen Energy Awards 2017


On March 30 the Provincial Energy Agency of Cadiz (APEC) hosted the 9th edition of the National Energy Awards EnerAgen 2017.

Endorsed by the Spanish energy management agencies associated with EnerAgen, these awards seek to recognize the best actions to promote and use Renewable Energy and Rational Use of Energy and Energy Efficiency throughout the national territory.

In this 9th edition of the awards, the "Divulgative Educational Plan of Sotavento" has been recognized with an honorable mention in the category of awareness and diffusion of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency.

In addition to Sotavento, they were awarded in the different categories, City councils located in Girona and Castellón as well as the Diputación de Granada among others.

Sotavento receives the "Energy Efficiency Award - The Installer 2016" to the best Energy Efficiency Divulgative Action


The Association of Energy Efficiency Companies - A3e and the Editorial The Installer recognize Sotavento and its history as the best Energy Efficiency Report 2016 and they award the 1st prize in its category.

On November 17, 2016, the COAM headquarters in Madrid hosted the IV National Energy Efficiency Forum (FOROGEn), where was held the ceremony for the presentation of the 4th Energy Efficiency Awards.

Organized by A3e - Association of Energy Efficiency Companies and the publisher El Instalador with the collaboration of IDAE and ENDESA, these awards seek to recognize the work carried out by institutions, companies, professionals and students in benefit of energy efficiency in Spain.

Among the more than 30 nominations presented, the jury awarded Sotavento the 1st prize in the category of Best Energy Efficiency Divulgation Action. In addition, they were awarded the "Cinergy Campaign" presented by ARENA MEDIA and "Fulldome" (immersive experience for the promotion of hybrid systems with Aerotermia) presented by SAUNIER DUVAL were also awarded.

José Núñez Baña and Manuel Díaz Fernández, Manager and responsible for the awarded area respectively, have been in charge of collecting the prize in Madrid.

The European Energy Week 2016 (EUSEW) marks the end of the academic year 2015/2016 in Sotavento


The 2015/2016 academic year ends in Sotavento with more than 8,200 people received a total of 246 educational activities along the course at facilities Sotavento Experimental Wind Farm.

These data, coupled with historical accumulated since the start of the activities of divulging area in 2002, continue placing Sotavento as a benchmark in the field of dissemination of renewable energy.

Most of concerted activities along the course were conducted by high school students and technical groups, both groups represent more than 60% of visits received.

As for its origin, more than 94% of the received groups came from the Autonomous Community of Galicia, although it should be noted that the number of visits from different foreign countries (France, Denmark, etc.) equal to those received from other points of the Spanish geography, assuming both 6% of all groups received.

Among the different educational activities developed throughout the course, should highlight the performance of online visits through ICT present in the center, an activity that offers the opportunity to meet Sotavento collectives that its distance from the park makes it impossible classroom activity. Or the Sotavento collaboration on several projects of research training as is the SATMA project for training in the field of wind to vocational students.

As for activities outside the park stands the participation of Sotavento in the 1st edition of the Fair of Energy Galicia, where according to the organization of the event were more than 5,500 people received over 3 days in the International Fair grounds Abanca Silleda Galicia.

The finale this academic year marks the celebration of the European Energy Week 2016 (EUSEW). An initiative launched in 2006 by the European Commission and organized by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises (EASME) closely with the Directorate General for Energy, in its 11ºedición marked as main objective to bring together public authorities, private companies, non-governmental organizations and consumers to promote energy saving initiatives and renewable energy in order to achieve a safe, clean and efficient energy system.

We recall that the end of the academic year 2015/2016 gives way to the beginning of a summer season in Sotavento, during which park facilities remain open for those who, under reservation (Phone: 981 563 777, email: info-disclosure @, they are interested in visiting Sotavento more from a tourism perspective. This aspect, less known, which include international organizations such as UNESCO.

Sotavento bring near the energy to students of Infantil School of Vilalba.


The pedagogical team from Sotavento Experimental Wind Farm visited Infant School of Vilalba.

Throughout the whole morning, children from school performed many practical activities with could discover alternative energy sources to fossil fuels. Likewise, they found different measures of energy saving and efficiency to implement both at home and in the school itself.

To make this possible, educators of Sotavento carried up to Vilalba educational equipment and real material composed among others by photovoltaic solar panels, wind turbine models, traditional windmills, waterwheels, consumption meters, various electrical appliances, etc.

The day ended with the preparation of a chocolate prepared with organic milk donated by LACTALIS in a solar cooker. The activities promoted by management and the teaching staff, were assessed positively by both the management team of the school and the teaching area Sotavento. Both centers, highlighted the importance of promoting sources of "clean" energy and responsible consumption at all ages.

Man Galicia Project again participates in the activities developed by Sotavento


A total of 50 women and men involved in the educational and informative proposal on renewable energies developed by Proxecto Home Galicia in collaboration with the Xunta de Galicia, participated in the practical activities developed by Sotavento on Sotavento Experimental Wind Farm.

This initiative is part of the commitment of the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Industry to promote technologies that allow promoting energy efficiency. Always noted for its practical charater, this initiative not only allows to train participants in renewable energy, but also offers them an alternative projection in the labor market.
Main reason by which once again have chosen Sotavento as an ideal place in the framework of RES and energy efficiency, where their students practical way can expand their knowledge.

During the activity, young people have completed different activities related to renewable energy, management of solar panels, entered into a wind turbine, visited the plant accumulation of hydrogen, etc. They could also see firsthand measures energy efficiency and automation in the bioclimatic demonstration house.

This visit is in addition to another done by the entity in November to the park facilities, so that there are more than a hundred young people involved in the project who have visited the facilities of the Experimental Wind Farm Sotavento.

Sotavento participates in the First Fair of Energy Galicia


Sotavento participated with their education project at the First Fair of Energy of Galicia held from 14 to 16 April at the premises International Fair of Galicia Abanca from Silleda.

Throughout the three days, more than five hundred schoolchildren from nearby schools participated in the activities Sotavento. To this figure we must increase unscheduled visits as well as the general public. In total, 5,500 people, according to the event organizers.

In a space dedicated 100% to the dissemination and awareness of renewable energies and energy efficiency, visitors could see first hand the renewable energy sources, data on electricity consumption, advice related to energy efficiency and even enjoy the benefits sustainable mobility with the experience of driving a car or electric bike. Among many other activities it should be noted workshops dedicated to children, where they learned in a fun way the many advantages of wind with the development of different types of kites.

This first meeting of the energy sector in Galicia, which attracted more than 92 exhibitors coming from Spain, France and Portugal, with a total of 239 firms and over 74 conference was opened by the vice president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, and Regional Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry, Francisco Conde. Although throughout the three days were many other authorities who visited the site, as the Managing Director of Energy and Mines, Angel Bernardo Tahoces or the Regional Minister of Education and Culture of the Xunta de Galicia Roman Rodriguez.

One more year Sotavento collaborates with the Project Climántica


As usual for some years Sotavento collaborates with Project Interchange Climántica 2016. An initiative whose main objective is the search for educational responses to climate change through exchanges of scientific and environmental education between regions and countries involved in the project.

On Thursday 31 March, Sotavento received his sight at its facilities in nearly a hundred students from the Colegio Decroly of La Laguna (Canary Islands) and the IES Rosalia de Castro of Santiago de Compostela, immersed centers at this time in the Climántica project with an exchange between their students.

In each exchange the key aspects of the two communities for mitigation and adaptation to climate change are compared: transformation and adaptation of fossil fuels, water management, renewable energies impact of, etc ...
To achieve this, scientific equipment and environmental disclosure are selected together with contexts that stand out for being quality resources, the main reason to the visit to the Experimental Wind Farm Sotavento is usual within this initiative.

The School Jesuítas Sarriá Sant Ignasi of Barcelona repeated his visit online at Sotavento


For the second consecutive year the School Jesuítas Sarriá Sant Ignasi of Barcelona participate in online educational activities taught by Sotavento.

It is an activity in which about 200 students from primary of the center, during which they could see first hand the facilities of Sotavento Experimental Wind Farm and answer your questions on renewable energy and energy efficiency have participated. This type of online activities are possible thanks to the different ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and computer means at its disposal Sotavento in conjunction with the computer resources available in schools, such as whiteboards ...

The online educational activities start at Sotavento in 2015 and since then there are several centers interested in this initiative probably unique in Galicia. This activity provides an opportunity to visit Sotavento for many students living far areas of the park.

Safety recommendations to the weather forecasts


For this weekend a heavy storm of snow and cold is expected throughout Galicia, why it is likely to increase the number of visitors to wind farms.
We remind that for security reasons no you must get close to the turbines at low temperatures since they can break off dangerous pieces of ice from the blades. Same with storms because of the danger of lightning.

Sotavento working with the Automotive Technology Center of Galicia (CTAG) in a study of existing charging points in Galicia.


On August 3, the Automotive Technology Center of Galicia (CTAG) visited the facilities of the Experimental Wind Farm Sotavento for a study on electric vehicles and charging points available on the premises.

This study of public charging points for electric vehicles in Galicia falls within one of the activities developed in the framework of Transboundary Mobi2Grid Project, which is being carried out through cross-border cooperation between Galicia CTAG center and the Staff Portuguese for Excellence and Innovation in the Automotive Industry (CEIIA).

"Mobi2Grid" takes as its main objective to position the Euroregion as an early adopter of electric mobility based on renewable energy sources through the implementation of an integrated and interoperable system between the two regions with the completion of a pilot test with electric vehicles between the broker electric mobility Vigo - Oporto.

Leeward collaboration in the "Mobi2Grid" project is mainly based on the provision of data on sustainable mobility in the area of influence of the Experimental Wind Farm Sotavento, as well as technical specifications and use of the charging point is available onsite.

Celebration of World Wind Day 2015 in Sotavento


For the sixth consecutive year Sotavento joins the celebration of the Global Wind Day, as every year takes place on June 15.

The Global Wind Day is a coordinated action between the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), the Global Wind Energy Council and the national associations to introduce the public to the wind, revealing the power and possibilities of wind with the objective of decarbonising our energy and increase employment and growth in this sector.
It is a worldwide event in which according to the EWEA, this year involved a total of 29 countries across the world with various activities related to the wind.

To commemorate this day, Sotavento was visited by more than fifty people between 13 and 15 June visited the facilities of the Experimental Wind Farm of Sotavento. During these days the Leeward outreach activities focused on wind energy, bringing the audience to the different projects being carried out in their facilities to make better use of wind as an energy resource.

Some interesting facts:

Wind saves about 2.5 euros per month on electricity bills for domestic consumers and employs 20,000 people. In addition during 2014 it prevented the emission of 20.4 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. It also reduces our dependence on foreign energy being an indigenous source.
Last May, the wind has been the source that provided more electricity system covering 24.3% of demand from Spain (about 20 million homes). Annually, covering around 20% of demand.

Sotavento receives Volkswagen Think Blue award for his career awareness and dissemination of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility.


On 2 June in Madrid the ceremony of the first edition of the awards organized by Think Blue Volkswagen.

The awards, which was attended by 72 candidates, had three different nominations and a cash prize of up to 5,000 euros to recognize the best initiatives in research, innovation and career.

The Massaguer brothers received the Research Award for developing "a modular thermoelectric power generator applications waste heat recovery in automotive".

AEInnova, microelectrical Department of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, he was awarded the Innovation Award for the project "Waste Heat Recovery Unit", a system to convert waste heat into electricity hot surfaces.

The Sotavento Galicia Foundation, was awarded in the category of best path, in recognition of a path dedicated to the promotion of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility.

The event was presented by journalist Monica Carrillo and attended by authorities as the Deputy Minister of environment and land planning, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, Director of Volkswagen Spain, Laura Ros, and the President of Volkswagen-Audi Spain, Francisco Pérez Botello.

Sotavento by Bernardo Angel picked up the award Tahoces entity President and CEO of Energy and Mines of the Xunta de Galicia which was accompanied by manager Jose Nunez Baña and responsible communication and training Manuel Diaz

Sotavento receives the award for best performance in energy awareness by the Association of Engineers of Galicia


On Friday April 24 was held in the auditorium of La Coruna AFundación a new edition of "A Noite da Enerxía" ceremony of Galicia Energy Awards 2014.

The event was organized by the Association of Industrial Engineers of Galicia in collaboration with the School of Industrial Engineers and was attended by over 250 professionals from the energy sector.

In this edition, the Sotavento Galicia Foundation turned out winner in the category of best performance in energy awareness, becoming the first recognition level receiving Sotavento Galicia. The rest of the awards received so far come from different national and international organizations, highlighting UNESCO recently considered as one of the 32 success stories and best practices worldwide.

Besides Sotavento were awarded in other categories CO2 Smart Tech company, Fatima Fernandez Pineiro, Natural Gas, Climate and Ancín Vigo Free Zone Consortium.

The Galician company Norvento install your wind turbine unit nED100 in the Experimental Wind Farm Sotavento


nED100 is a state-of-the-art 100kW wind turbine, incorporating
the huge technical advances that have occurred in wind power
technology in recent years.

nED100 has been designed with four main aims: maximum safety,
minimum noise, maximum availability and optimum performance.

Sotavento puts available to the wind industry one site to install an experimental high-power wind turbine


Sotavento Galicia, SA, partnership with a majority public capital, puts its infrastructures and permissions to install 6.34 experimental MW.

The company has all necessary authorizations and the only constraint is that these machines must be installed by September 2014.

If this information interests you, please contact us:

Sotavento is highlighted as an example of good practice by UNESCO


Sotavento was highlighted as an example of good practice by RENFORUS initiative (Renewable Energy Futures for UNESCO Sites).

The main objective of this initiative, which involves territories distributed in 117 countries around the world, is to provide the international community with global climate change field observatory sites involving the sustainable use of environmentally sound renewable energy sources in UNESCO Sites (Biosphere reserves and World Heritage Sites).

RENFORUS promotes good practice case studies, namely projects that have demonstrated positive results in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency and have the potential to be replicated.

Sotavento is a successful example of public private partnership initiative that combine their efforts in the field of renewable energy, linking power generation with the educational activity and the ability to create a smart offer for visitors in a biosphere reserve.

The Wind Farm is located in "Terras do Miño" Biosphere Reserve and it was included in the category of “RES – Education&Tourism” because it opens the possibility to develop new forms of intelligent and responsible tourism, where renewable energy knowledge becomes an attractive.

Its selection of Good Practices was made in respect to the following key criteria: Representativeness, sustainable energy governance, diversity of scope and outcomes, effectiveness and successfulness, environmental sustainability, economic feasibility and technical practicability, participatory approach, replicability and adaptability, relevance for local energy sustainability, etc.

For more information about RENFORUS initiative:

Sotavento received more than 18,000 visitors in 2013


With more than 1.500 people on average per month, we continue being a referent in the field of the dissemination of renewable energies and energy efficiency in Spain.

Half of formal education centers of Galicia sometime visited our facilities and, in many of them, the activities of Sotavento are stable part of their educational programs.

The number of accumulated visitors is over 218.500 people from different parts of the Galician, Spanish and international geography.

University students and technical visitors were the most numerous groups of 2013. People in primary and secondary education, families, tourists, and other people complete the other visits.



Sotavento releases website with new design and new contents.

The new website presents important news and a greater interactivity. In this field, users can access rea-time and historical data from wind farm renewable facilities. For example, we can see real, provided and historical data about speed, direction, frequency and predominance of the wind; production, efficiency and CO2 avoided of wind turbines, etc. It also contains comparisons between forecasts and real-time data.
On the other hand, a complete interactive area allows calculate our ghost and standby consume and help us choose an appliance and the more efficient lighting for each case. In addition, we can check systems to reduce water consumption.

The new design allows surfing the website in a simple and intuitive way and know in detail the research and educational projects by Sotavento.

A webcam located 20 meters high in the tower of a wind turbine can be connected to the facilities of the Wind Farm in real time. Furthermore, you can view spectacular 360º panoramic photos from the top of a wind turbine, control room, bioclimatic demonstration house and various outdoor areas.

Through this new version you can manage the visit to Sotavento and you can download the photo of the visit.

Technically the web, based on standard open source CMS (Content Management System), has Javascript and websockets technology and can be accessed from any current device.

Sotavento was this year the center of the Global Wind Day activities


Sotavento was this year the center of the Global Wind Day activities organized in Spain by The Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) because Xermade, one of the municipalities in which it is located, was winner of the Eolo Award to rural integration of wind. This award, now in its second edition, is organized by AEE with the aim of highlighting the socio-economic values of the implementation of wind energy in rural areas.

The II Eolo Award was given to Xermade for being a model in wind development. Xermade is a town dedicated to subsistence agriculture and livestock that used the resources generated by wind power to create wealth and jobs.

Xermade, with about 2,100 residents, has three wind farms with a total of 82 MW installed, which directly or indirectly employs 20% of the total population. In addition, 20% of the municipal budget also comes from this energy source and it is used to improve the quality of life for residents: aid for birth, improvement of the social services, rehabilitation of buildings, social housing, etc.

The award was a video recording that reflects the benefits that wind power generated in Xermade. This video premiered at the Wind Convention that AEE celebrated in Madrid on 12 and 13 June and it was shown to the residents of the municipality in Sotavento on 15 June, coinciding with the Global Wind Day activities, in which over 300 people participated.

In addition to the various authorities invited to the event, other participants, divided in children and adults, visited different wind areas of the Wind Farm: control room, inside a nacelle, inside a wind turbine, Project of Accumulation of Hydrogen, etc. Younger also flew kites and, with adults, they could see a helicopter land and take off, a hot air balloon or the operation of a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).

The event ended with the participation of all attendees at a balloon release where children wrote their wishes and wind transported them later.

Download photographs:

Earth Day 2012


Earth Day was celebrated on April 22 in different countries. The celebration of this event began in the United States in 1970 and now, 42 years later, it’s celebrated in most countries of the world.

This celebration was born to reflect on the problems of overpopulation, pollution production, conservation of the biodiversity and other environmental concerns to protect the Earth.

From the Sotavento Galicia Foundation we invite to reflect on the impact of human activities on environment and to carry out individual and collective actions to make more rational use of energy, reaching a sustainable development.